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Neighborhood Nursing is a temporary healthcare staffing agency in the United Kingdom.

Neighborhood Nursing Group provides specialist, general nurses, and healthcare assistants for temporary placement with NHS Trusts, private hospitals, nursing homes, occupational health companies, HMP services and mental health and learning disability organizations. We provide and deliver outstanding levels of compliance. Our consultants are well trained and experienced in placing the right staff needed for the role. Neighborhood Nursing Group has a culture of unity and togetherness. We live by our code of ethics and are always transparent.

We aim to be the most loved and utilized agency in the UK because here at Neighborhood we build long-term relationships with our staff and our clients. We pay more and charge less!

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Brendon Smee

Neighbor of the month and the healthcare hero of the month

Healthcare has been an important part of my life for many years, due to chronic illness and now, after an accident, being disabled. One of my first jobs was in reception at a hospital, doing Admissions, Outpatients and Radiology appointments for patients. One of my duties was the shift roster for nurses, and at the time I had no idea that these functions would play a role in my career in Healthcare Recruitment. From that time, I understand how staffing works, how hospitals function and how care works within those facilities. I was standing by when children were very ill, I was there when car accidents claimed lives, and when patients lost their battles with terminal illnesses. Care will always be part of what I do. Now that I receive regular care from a variety of Healthcare workers, the importance and value that I can add by identifying not only the skills, but the dedication and care qualities in staff, makes finding the staff that will add value to your patient experience part of my everyday life. When trying to sell you Healthcare Services, many people will focus on price. “We are the cheapest...” Maybe they will focus on speed. “We have what you need right now...” Maybe they will focus on good candidates. “I have this nurse who has excellent references...”. All of those things are important. But I will not try and sell you anything. Sales are for people who can talk fast, play hard and make promises. I want to build a solution for you. . Give me 24 hours, and you will have it. The best rates – because we allow you to negotiate them. The optimal solution – because our candidates are already in your neighborhood, and the best candidates – because virtually all of my working life I have dealt with medical staff, and I know what Care means to me, just like your patients do, and just like you do. Call the Neighborhood Nursing Agency. Let’s talk about what you need, add what you want, and give me 24 hours...


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